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Playbook Prototypes + Customization

// Prototype: The Burdette

// Prototype: The Parker

// Prototype: The Patrick

// Prototype: The Blondo

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Provided as an service to the community, the following open-source prototype designs are available to all.

The Parker

Click to download “The Parker” plans + elevations

The Burdette

Click to download “The Burdette” plans + elevations

The Patrick

Click to download “The Patrick” plans + elevations

The Blondo

Click to download “The Blondo” plans + elevations


The Affordable by Design team believes everyone should feel a sense of pride in their home. It should reflect the owner’s personal style and preferences.

Accordingly, the Affordable by Design Housing Playbook has been designed with multiple options for materials selections and additional design components. For the exterior, this includes the form (roof style, overhang depths, porches), the cladding (material type and color palette), and the openings (windows and doors), along with a range of other elements, including landscaping.

Transitional Exterior Palette shown on Playbook Prototypes

Included in the Playbook are three example exterior palettes for each of the homes. These are in no way all-inclusive, but are instead intended to show the variety in design styles that can be created by modifying this relatively small list of design components.

Traditional Exterior

Transitional Exterior

Modern Exterior


Americans spend more than 80% of their lives indoors. To the Affordable by Design team, this is one indication why our prototypes’ attention to detail extends through the interior as well. Pride of ownership, adaptability, durability, occupant wellness, life-cycle sustainability, and aesthetics – all have a place in our definition of affordability.

Recognizing that there is no one size – or finish – that fits all, these sample Interior Palettes range in features and price points. Similar to the exterior, these are not intended to be prescriptive, but are instead meant to provide a frame of reference so individual homeowners can make finish selections based upon their own needs and preferences. Click here to download the Interior Materials + Components package.

Interior Palette A
Interior Palette B
Interior Palette C