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ART+ INFRASTRUCTURE is a public art project focused on adding vibrant art to lonely underpasses, quiet passageways, and often-forgotten structures.

Art matters in Omaha, especially now. And putting local artists to work in the current climate is vital to the health of our community. Thriving cities throughout the nation have successfully added vibrancy and improved public perception through art. We can, too.

Our goal is to connect the dots between Omaha’s ordinary, infrastructure-heavy areas and its most desirable and engaged neighborhoods, making the passage from one area to another more enticing, safe, and even delightful.

By beautifying Omaha’s “in-between spaces” we hope that neighborhoods will become more connected, residents will feel safer, and visitors will experience moments of joy in this city we call home.

Now Arriving: Art+ ORBT

ART+ INFRASTRUCTURE is excited to announce its first series of installations in partnership with Metro.

ORBT is Omaha Rapid Bus Transit, a new service from Metro that will unite smart technology and streamlined travel for faster, more frequent public transportation. Enhanced stations, spacious vehicles, and travel upgrades will connect more people, more frequently.

ORBT represents the biggest transit investment the region has seen in decades. It will make Omaha more competitive with other metropolitan areas by attracting talented employees and innovative businesses. It will increase mobility, save money, boost development, reduce emissions, and connect the region.

ART+ INFRASTRUCTURE has enlisted 18 local muralists to further enhance stations along the route with original, site-painted artworks on the 23 ORBT stations.

The Omaha metro is graced with exceptional artistic talent. ART+ INFRASTRUCTURE is proud to partner with this most inspiring collection of creative individuals. Learn more about each artist and the stories behind their works’ inspiration by clicking here.

Celeste Butler

Pamela Conyers-Hinson

Dan Crane

Tyler Emery

Rebecca Harrison

Betni Kalk

Anthony Peña

Sarah Rowe

Patty Talbert

Weston Thomson
Weston Thomson

Aaryon Bird Williams

Hugo Zamorano

Click here to learn more about our amazing local artists!


Among Omaha by Design’s core areas of impact are the creation of vibrant + inclusive public spaces and a smart + connected metro. ART+ INFRASTRUCTURE features both.

As Project Administrator, Omaha by Design is responsible for overall coordination, financial management and communication, ensuring the project’s lasting contribution towards a more vibrant, livable city for all.

Betni Kalk develops and curates mural designs, creates digital renderings, prepares selected sites for artwork installation, and assists our selected artists as needed. Betni graduated with an MFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design and is an Associate Professor of Design at Creighton University.

Weston Thomson is responsible for coordinating artists and developing artwork, synchronizing installations and ensuring overall project success. Weston graduated with a BFA degree from California State University Chico and has completed and managed over 40 public mural projects on the west coast and in Omaha. He is currently the lead artist at Chromatic Black Studio in Omaha.

The City of Omaha Public Arts Commission has been an excellent resource and aid in the process, reviewing each artwork to ensure a consistently high standard for public art across the city.

This project was made possible through generous support of the Faith Charitable Trust.

For more info about, please contact:
Scott Dobbe / Executive Director, Omaha by Design / 402.934.7055